Spotlight: RoadTrip - New Rules (Dua Lipa Cover)

If you like boybands, we reckon you'll love RoadTrip!

Comprised of (from left to right above) Rye, Brooklyn, Jack, Andy and Mikey, the five-piece are shaking up the pop music scene both here in the UK and across the pond. With their boyish charm, handsome looks and the fact that individually they're all strong vocalists, it's no surprise they've attracted an epic 200k subscribers on their main Youtube channel, 280,000 Facebook likes and more than 300,00 Twitter followers already!

As one of the UK's hottest upcoming boy group's, taking on New Rules, by Dua Lipa, one of the biggest tracks at the moment, makes perfect sense. However, the group ditched their regular video aesthetic of epic backdrops and laddish action for this a cappella cover. Proving that they're more than 'just another boyband', the focus here is all on the harmonies, and we just can't get enough!

Take a listen to RoadTrip's cover of New Rules below!

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Spotlight: Bud Sugar - Viral

Our friends in Bud Sugar have dropped a new single!

Following on from the EP Vibe (you may remember we featured track Get Familiar) last year, the five-piece from Hull are back with another hit, Viral. 

The song forms part of a three-track record of the same title and sees brothers Bax (vocals) and Lans (drums/vocals), Dyl (guitar), Rob (bass) & Stan (ukulele) go in a slightly new direction. Whether you regard it as skank or hip hop, the funky combination of instruments the band uses means you can't help but be pulled in by the summery vibes on this.

Take a listen to Bud Sugar's Viral below!

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George Reece - All Of The Lights | EP Review

You may remember at Christmas, we made our Christmas Hit George Reece's Every Little Thing. Now, the singer, songwriter, producer (frankly the list goes on) has released a new five-track EP, All Of The Lights.

It's hard to pinpoint what genre George's music falls into as he clearly draws on a lot of influences and is no stranger to producing a wide range of music. He even once created a track using the sounds made by his baby nephew. Whilst that track hasn't quite made the cut of this record, the five that did are really quite stunning!
The EP opens with Lights, carrying an electronic futuristic vibe, complete with sonic beats and synths. Paired with George's falsetto, the track is wonderfully entrancing and dreamlike, hooking you in on the first listen.
Next up is Park Poem, which begins with a very long instrumental of almost two minutes and features a fairly long interlude, giving the track an overall time of seven and a half minutes. Think such a long time makes a…

2016: My Year In Review

My first blog post of 2017! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you're now enjoying a good start to the new year. As I said in my post about my 2016 blog achievements, last year was a 'wonky' year. There was Brexit, Trump, and we lost a disastrous number of famous greats as well as innocents facing war and strife in their home nations. 

However, rather than reviewing the whole world's 2016, I thought I'd just review my own. There's been a lot of reflective posts surfacing recently, but that's no bad thing. I've kept mine mainly positive, as I want this to set the tone for my 2017. Things definitely went wrong too but it's important to count your blessings and let the sun shine through the clouds, right?

One of the highlights of my year by far is not so much an event but these three people. The last six months of our uni course were testing to say the least but we supported each other, laughed til we cried, danced, and celebrated in style, w…

My 2016 Blog Achievements

2016 is finally drawing to a close and this will actually be my last post until 2017, as I think it's important to take some time off to relax at Christmas/New Year. In a year where everything went a bit, erm, wonky, all over the world, it's important to reflect on the good moments too. As far as blogging is concerned, 2016 was my best year ever for various reasons. Adamant that 2016 won't go down as 'the year we should delete from history', I'm keeping it positive with my top five achievements over the past 12 months!

1. Without a doubt, my personal highlight in terms of blogging was being awarded Highly Commended at the UK Blog Awards 2016 in the PR, Media, Marketing and Communications category. To be voted for by the public (thanks everyone!) into the top 10 and then be given a runner-up prize by industry experts, was a huge personal and professional achievement.

2. I never feel like it's necessary to reveal my blog's statistics publicly but what I wil…

Christmas Hit: George Reece - Every Little Thing

In the true spirit of Christmas, this week, our Fresh Hit is a Christmas Hit - how original is that, eh? 

Our good friend George Reece has written, recorded and produced this original Christmas Hit titled Every Little Thing, and we think it's pretty special. 

Listen to the music and it seems like a pretty typical upbeat festive track, but delve a little deeper, and the song carries a much greater bittersweet meaning. The lyrics are all about being far from a loved one at Christmas time, and wishing that you could bring them closer, something which a lot of people who are in long-distance relationships can associate with. 

George's isolation in the video is rather touching, as we see him decorate a forest (why not?) with lights and baubles, as well as the tree in his living room, entirely on his own. We think this Youtuber, producer, writer, film-maker and all-round nice guy has done a superb job of reminding everyone to appreciate everyone they love - near or far - this holiday!


Video of the Week: Love Ghost - Forgive Me

Our Video of the Week goes to Love Ghost for Forgive Me!

Love Ghost are a four-piece hailing from Los Angeles. Inspired by the 90’s grunge subculture, the band pays tribute to the alternative rock genre, while creating a unique and modern sound. Having grown up together, the four-piece are able to poignantly express both the hardships and joys of suburban teenage culture within their music. 

The band was formed by frontman Finn Bell, who at just 15-year-old brings a maturity beyond his years to the table, with his soulful lyrics and arrangements. Despite the band all being teenagers, their raw musical skill creates a nostalgic triumph of distorted guitar melodies, heavy drums and emotionally stimulated lyrics. Love Ghost’s musical composition is inspired by a mix of old universal horror films meshed with iconic grunge artists such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains.  

Check out the video for Forgive Me below!

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