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Where To Go In New York City

Following eight weeks of working at a Summer Camp in upstate New York (actually closer to Montreal than NYC), I returned to the city for four days. I'd only been to the USA once before, to visit New York City in 2009, so it was great to experience it again, almost a decade later.
There's so much to do in the city that never sleeps but unless you're set on going to a lot of museums or seeing numerous Broadway shows, you can do most of the main sites and a few other attractions in three or four days. Aside from Times Square (pictured above), here's my other recommendations of where to go if you're unsure what to invest your time in while in New York City!
On my first day, we went to a New York Yankees game! As the photo shows, I was incredibly high up (literally two rows from the top) and given my major fear of heights, this didn't work so well for me! However, I did leave my seat and spend the rest of my time with four charming New Yorkers, who did their best to i…

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