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24 Hours In Philadelphia

During my travels in the USA this Summer, I decided that my first stop after New York City would be Philadelphia. While I was pretty sad to leave my camp friends behind, as the bus headed into the state of Pennsylvania, I couldn't help but feel excited about venturing the States solo!

I wasn't sure how much there was to see in Philadelphia, so I opted to book a super cheap hostel for one night only. As it was, I feel as if I managed to see pretty much everything as the city isn't huge and I found many landmarks are close together... in fact, just walking, I seemed to come across a cool statue, park or building every couple of minutes!

There's so many places to see but here's some of my highlights from my 24 Hours in Philadelphia!

Sure, it's not the Brooklyn or the Golden Gate, but the Ben Franklin Bridge is still a sight to behold - I was lucky enough to see it in ominous fog and rain as well as sunshine. I really enjoyed sitting at the end of Race Street Pier to …

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