Introducing: Myles and Connor

Myles and Connor (Credit: Myles and Connor)

Myles and Connor

Age: 17
Genre: Pop
Record Label: Unsigned
Location: Manchester

Twitter: Group Myles Connor

Myles and Connor Ryan are twins from Manchester who have worked separately on their own material and with other bands. They first found fame in 2010 as part of boyband Connected who reached the final of 'Britain's Got Talent' and performed nationally in many of the UK's top musical venues including London's O2 and Wembley Arenas. After Connected and just over a year as a duet, the boys then joined with twins Scott and Max Mealey to form The Change for a few months. However, the Ryan and Mealey brothers have recently decided to go their separate ways due to musical differences.

For most, a split from two different bands in the short space of only two years, would come as an enormous setback. However, the Ryan twins are as determined as ever to succeed in their singing careers. Their passion for all aspects of music is very commendable for two boys who have not yet left school; together, they have even independently penned and recorded their own songs. This really sets them apart from other teenage musicians as even those in the charts today often have very little input into the songs they find fame with. 

Although still young and developing their talents, the Ryan twins have much more experience in song-writing, singing and performing live than a lot of their elders who are also seeking out fame. Their dedication to their loyal fans and excellent work ethic proves they have the ability to succeed on a national scale.

Check out 'Light Lost In The Shade' below - written and recorded by Myles and Connor Ryan.

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