Sign The Reason 4

The Reason 4 L-R: Marc, Scott, Nathan & Glenn (Credit: TR4)

Sign The Reason 4

I am writing this post for one reason: to get The Reason 4 signed! It makes no sense that no record label or music mogul has taken the decision to give them funding so they can keep making music and gigging. 

The fact that the band is made up of four men should not allow them to be mistaken for a typical run-of-the-mill boyband that we see so many of today. The Reason 4 members (Nathan, Scott, Marc and Glenn) are all hard-working, down-to-earth, funny and talented, write original lyrics and have great chemistry as a group.

It is true that the charts are already overflowing with a variety of artists, including boybands such as One Direction, The Wanted, JLS etc. These artists, however, each bring something unique to music and appeal to different people. The Reason 4 is no exception to this. Although an all-male group, they are slightly older than the current boybands we see, but younger than bands such as Take That and Westlife. This has allowed them to reach out to a wide audience - they are popular with teenagers, children and parents, and the fact that they reached the 'Judge's Houses' stage of The X Factor in 2010 proves that they have commercial potential.

Furthermore, #signthereason4 trended on Twitter recently, showing that the band has dedicated and loyal fans who truly believe they have what it takes to succeed musically. Who would bother to continuously tweet to their followers about a campaign they didn't really care about? In addition, many have followed their career since The X Factor 2010, attending their gigs (they've supported Peter Andre and Joe McElderry on tour) and buying their music. 

I really hope someone reads this who has the influence and desire to help the band out and get them on the road again. It is unfortunate that due to our country's current economy, there isn't much money to be put into unsigned artists, but giving a band a second chance and allowing them to gig and reach out to their fans, cannot surely be classed as a waste of money? To anyone who is considering taking a 'risk' on the band,  please do so because I think I can speak on behalf of all the fans when I say 'they will not let you down'. 

Please also watch this video I have made to help the campaign to get The Reason 4 signed. This is one band that shouldn't be forced to go their separate ways simply due to a lack of MONEY!

Thank you for reading x

Twitter: @thereason4
Nathan Rawlings: @NathanTR4
Scott White: @ScottTR4
Marc Higgins: @MarcTR4
Glenn Vine: @GlennTR4
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