Introducing: No Lights At Lockdown

No Lights At Lockdown (Credit: NLAL)
No Lights At Lockdown

Chris Edge (Vocals)
Steve Edge (Bass Guitar)
Rich Newsome (Drums)
Phil Haycock (Guitar)
Adam Davies (Guitar)
Genres: Pop, Rock, Alternative
Record Label: Unsigned
Hometown: Wrexham, North Wales

Official Website
Twitter: Band Chris Steve Phil Adam Rich

No Lights At Lockdown are a five-piece pop/rock band from North Wales who I first saw back in August 2011 when they supported Mike Fantastic in London. On as the first support band, I was pleasantly surprised by what they brought to the o2 Academy Islington stage. Typically, the first act on is very new, perhaps local, with little following and sometimes unfortunately consisting of kids smashing around on guitars to songs that do nothing but make your head hurt. However, No Lights At Lockdown were not exactly typical. What drew me to them was their confidence and style - the set flowed well and although I did not know the songs, I found myself enjoying their music, more so in fact, than any of the other artists on that night (but don't tell Mike Fantastic).

Chris Edge on lead vocals delivers time after time in getting the audience on their feet (if they're not already) - his indie-rock voice combined with the rock-pop instrumental that accompanies him, creates the group's unique sound. Personal favourites include their single 'The Getaway', 'Sticks and Stones' and 'Exit Stage Left'; the majority of their songs feel as if they portray real and sometimes raw emotions, giving them more feeling and depth than the music our charts are overrun with nowadays. 

Unlike a lot of bands, No Lights At Lockdown really thank their fans for their loyalty. As a VIP myself at two of their tours, and hearing about the experiences others have had as VIP, I feel that they have made their fans feel more like friends. They involve their supporters in their career, rather than sidelining them, which they could choose to do so easily. No Lights at Lockdown have mastered the ability to appeal on a personal level to their followers and make time for them, something which I can say I am personally thankful for.

After their last tour, which was the fourth time I saw Chris, Steve, Rich, Phil and Adam perform live, I am once again left wanting more gigs, not just for the music but also for the effort and fun they put into them. With over almost 11,000 Facebook 'likes', boosted by the band's success as support to Cher Lloyd on her 'Sticks and Stones' tour and having completed two academy headline tours in 2012 alone, this band is certainly one to look out for on the pop/rock scene in years to come.

Visit their YouTube page for some backstage footage and music videos, such as the one for 'The Getaway' above.

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