S.U.B - Seriously Underrated Bands

Everyday, we see bands plug their music and try to increase their Twitter followers, Facebook 'likes', YouTube subscribers and viewers etc in an attempt to reach a wider audience. After a putting in a lot of money, time and effort in recording songs and going on tour, this comes as no surprise. Here's just three of my current favourite bands that I believe are seriously underrated. If you have a moment, check them out!

StakeOut - I saw StakeOut last year, completely by chance, supporting another band on tour and have been a fan ever since. Most of the songs have pop/rock/punk sound to them but 'The Outcome of Saying Goodbye' on their recently-released 'Live It Up' EP, is - without sounding too soppy - beautiful (try not to cry when you listen!). Definitely check out StakeOut's Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

My Forever - This is a band you definitely do not want to miss. My Forever, based in York, are a rock/pop band with anthemic tunes that make you want to sing at the top of your voice (although that's definitely not advised if you have angry neighbours). Ben, Matt and Dave are working on songs as we speak for a relaunch this year. Find them on social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Orchard Hill - Fronted by Tiff, with an incredibly powerful voice, this band's line-up is completed by Mark L, Mark 'Scuzzo' F, Greg and Jamie. They sound similar to Paramore but they definitely don't stand in their shadow. For a start, there's 5 of them and they're British... that's at least two differences, right?! Check out Orchard Hill's single 'What A Waste of Time' on iTunes. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube too!

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