Sam Callahan Releases New Single 'Crazy'

Credit: Sam Callahan
Today, Sam Callahan releases his second single, Crazy. After embarking on a Crazy Campaign in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust during May and June, his follow-up single to Runaway Train is well worth downloading. Sam's campaign saw him eat a 26 inch pizza, bungee jump, sky dive and even skinny dip in Chelmsford at 4am, plus many other stunts that very few other 19-year-olds would be prepared to do.

The song itself is energetic and catchy and definitely a song for Summer. Be sure to download Crazy (and the remix) on iTunes (click here) which are both priced at only 79p each. To give a donation to Sam's charity campaign page, click here.

Check out the official video for Crazy below:

Credit: Sam Callahan/Jim Lang

With such a selfless attitude, we are sure to see Sam Callahan do big things in the future and hope the single is a huge success. Nice work Sam and congratulations on raising over £1,350 already!


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