Fans Of Faye - Designed To Be (Review)

Fans of Faye are an alternative rock band from the Midlands. The original outfit of the group was formed in 2003, before lead vocalist Zachary had even reached his teenage years. The band have since gone on to support Natives and VersaEmerge.

Their debut album Designed To Be was released late in 2012 but HD thought they'd give it a listen and here's our verdict!

Opening title song Designed To Be is rather atmospheric and gentle until the guitar riffs come in with a punch. Paint The Sun was released as the first single from the album, hitting no. 27 on the rock iTunes chart, and it's no wonder. It's certainly a rock song that still manages to be both upbeat and catchy. Third track I'm Not Your Artwork has a somewhat angry tone to it with lyrics such as 'you're not the artist/I'm not the artwork'. This raw emotion is reiterated in Reckless, a track with a heavier opening than previous songs.

Are You Finished Yet? is a rather anthemic track just before the short interlude - appropriately titled Breathe - comes in with a lighter, acoustic sound for just over a minute. However, we are soon taken back to Fans Of Faye's rocky heights with a high energy instrumental in Basically... and the haunting Bloodshed and Ghost.

As the tenth track, Handlebars is also the longest on the album, totalling over five minutes. It's an enjoyable listen with the first two minutes slowly building up before the clashing kicks in once more. Born To Dance is predominantly reflective of the rest of the album and doesn't particularly add much but Hunting Season Begins makes for a good penultimate track with heavy guitars and drums giving it quite an eerie feel. Final song Swing With Me draws the album to a close and certainly ends with a bang!

For a debut album, Fans Of Faye have produced a record that is certainly encouraging, although thirteen tracks is perhaps a little too long. Given it came out in 2012, It would be great to hear some new material and we look forward to the next release from the band.

You can download Designed To Be by clicking here.
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