iiRecord - Every Season | Track Review

Artist: iiRecord
Release: Every Season
Out Now!

iiRecord is a man of many talents. Based in Connecticut in the US, he works as a producer and programmer as well as being a rapper and singer-songwriter.

His latest single Every Season has a catchy beat but is still relaxing to listen to - something that is rather uncommon nowadays. The bassline is fairly simple but iiRecord (real name Michael DePlante) has done a great job of producing the song.

Particularly as an up-and-coming artist in the world of hip-hop and rap, Michael does bear a resemblance to international star, Drake. Of course, just starting his career, iiRecord has a little way to go yet as he works at mastering his craft, but look out for him. This 'jack of all trades' clearly has a lot to offer!

Check out the video for Every Season below!

You can download Every Season by clicking here.
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