Reuben's Rocket - Stay Here Stay Love EP (Review)

Reuben's Rocket is the pseudonym of Ollie Base, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter. Penning and recording all of his own songs, Reuben's Rocket is inspired by Passenger, Newton Faulkner and Ben Howard. Ollie's second EP Stay Here Stay Love offers up a mix of indie, pop and folk tunes. Here's our rundown:

First track DIY is a light-hearted acoustic track which has a relaxed feel to it and certainly makes for easy listening. Promising benefits from accompanying instruments. The additional drums and electric guitar are pleasantly layered over Ollie's smooth vocals.

Third and fourth tracks Blink and No More Than Maybe are equally enjoyable and mellowing listens. The lyrics may not be particularly catchy but they don't need to be. Finally, with title track Stay Here, Stay Love, the EP goes full circle and arrives back at a simple acoustic melody with   occasional backing vocals. With this particularly stripped-back composition, Ben's dulcet tones to come to prominence.

To be eighteen and producing your own self-written EP is an achievement in itself, but Reuben's Rocket accomplishes more than just that. He has not tried to fit in with the pop and electronic music that dominates our charts nowadays but has geared towards and indie and acoustic-driven sound, finding his niche. What's more, if you're looking for a way to escape the hustle of everyday life, this EP serves as a brilliant way to relax.

You can download Stay Here Stay Love by clicking here.
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