Rumours - Letters From The Memory Box EP (Review)

Artist: Rumours
Release: Letters From The Memory Box EP
Out Now!

Despite Rumours only coming together this time last year, the band have already been making waves in the last nine months. They've supported The Maddigans and The Hype Theory as well as appearing on the bill for Festive-All alongside the likes of pop acts including Futureproof and Kingsland Road.

First track Forever Young, a crowd favourite at Rumours gigs, is a great opener, exuding youth and proving that rock can be uplifting, not just heavy. This leads into 'If You Could See Me Now which is a raw and emotive track before Just A Kiss - the first single to be released from the EP - kicks in. It successfully holds its own with honest lyrics about love while retaining the band's core rock elements. 

Lost Without You is a little lighter than previous tracks, utilising a piano to produce a track that successfully crosses over into pop. However, next song Make Believe is back to their more edgy, rock style roots - overall, a pleasing listen. The band's raw emotion and honesty is once more injected into penultimate track Meet Me Half Way, with lyrics such as 'these photos fade but memories stay the same, just meet me halfway' making it a beautiful and reflective tune.

The EP concludes with Sense Of Direction. For many bands, particularly on a debut release, an acoustic track is a risky move. However, for Rumours, this decision certainly pays off. Lead singer Alex McMain's vocals are mellowed, proving this band can accordingly adapt their style and pull it off.

It may be early days for Rumours but this EP has proved they have already developed their sound and have a lot to give to the rock scene. Writing and producing all the songs themselves, the Letters From The Memory Box EP definitely suggests they are a band to watch out for this year.

HD's Favourite Track Meet Me Halfway

You can download Letters From The Memory Box by clicking here.
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