Twin Paradox - Where Has The Time Gone? EP (Review)

Hailing from Scotland, Twin Paradox are a metalcore five-piece with a twist. Not afraid to experiment with their sound, the band often use their instruments to create weird and whacky noises to accompany their vocals. 

The EP opens with Clocks - dominated by impressive heavy guitar riffing while lead vocalist Aletha sings in a predominantly unvarying pitch over the top, the track produces a rather eerie sound. Next song Mirrors is a little more lighthearted, with more of a funky, indie intro before the electric hooks kick in once more. The song has a few extraterrestrial notes in it, bringing through the unique sound that Twin Paradox are trying to exude.

Third and title track Where Has The Time Gone? has an intro that bears a great resemblance to the melody of of Aerosmith's 1975 hit Walk This Way and draws the listener in. However, in true TP style, the track finds its metal elements. Although quite a lengthy track, the lyrics 'why can't you hear? are you listening to me?' and the ever-changing instrumental, keeps you hooked. Rock 'n' Roll Wannabe is, contrastingly, a rather short track and doesn't particularly add to the EP. A little tweaking to the lyrics would also help improve it, as it seems to get lost amongst the other songs.

Penultimate track Scream lives up to its name, with a core metal energy and accompanying screaming, although not overpowering. The EP concludes with Kaleidoscope, a far cry from the track before it. For the majority, the light-hearted, stripped-back composition, allows Aletha's gentle vocals to come to prominence, but the track's return to a rock sound proves the band have no intention to lose their heavier-sounding foundations any time soon.

Listening to this EP, it's very difficult to pin-point a genre that the band falls into. At first glance - or listen, rather - they are metal, but delve deeper into their sound, and you're met with so much more. Twin Paradox serve up an eclectic mix of metal, rock and indie while throwing in any quirky sounds they can create with their instruments. This variation provides the band with the scope to successfully produce both quiet and heavy tracks, and give every song unique qualities.

HD's Favourite Track - Where Has The Time Gone?

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