October: Bands of the Month

As with last month, HD has searched far and wide to bring you our favourite bands to look out for over and listen to over the next month. 

1. The Brittz 
It's a breath of fresh air to have a new, young band form that don't just look like an awkward group of boys singing together. Jamie, Kieran, George and Rennon all play their own instruments and have so far covered the likes of The Kinks, The Beatles and The La's. Check out their cover of Sunny Afternoon below!

The Brittz: Twitter - Youtube

2. Mr Meanor
This London-based R'n'B/pop four have already racked up more than 21,000 Twitter followers and with their debut track I'm Your Type accumulating 38,000 views, they have proved their potential to be the next big urban group. Mr Meanor's debut EP, Decide, drops on 10th October. Listen to Maybe (taken from the EP) below!

Mr Meanor: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

3. Orchard Hill
We've always been big fans of pop/rock four-piece Orchard Hill and now the band have just announced a tour in December. What's more, the tour tickets are completely FREE. Their single Make It Out Alive will be available soon but for now, take a listen to their track Who We Are below!

Orchard Hill: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

4. In Hindsight
Nottingham trio In Hindsight may be young but they are in no way inexperienced. With sell-out headline gigs and a successful string of school shows under their belts, the band are to embark on a Secret Sessions tour this December. Tickets are available now. Watch their video for pop/rock hit Sweet Valentine below!

In Hindsight: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

5. Remedy
Fittingly, for No. 5 on our list we have boyband Remedy. You may have got a glimpse of them on The X Factor recently but if you didn't, they made it to the last 10 bands! Not bad for a group who have been together for only a few months. Check out their cover of Ed Sheeran's Sing below!

 Remedy: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

There you have it! Got a favourite? We'd love to hear your comments below! 

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