September: Bands Of The Month

To celebrate a new month, we thought we would pick five of our favourite bands that you may not have heard of before. So grab a cuppa, prepare your ears and take a listen.

1. Impartial Addiction
This Birmingham-based alternative/pop-punk band recently supported Stakeout at their final farewell show. Despite being in their teens, the band have gained a loyal local following, playing shows alongside Keep The Change, Speaking in Shadows and A Promise To Forget to name a few. Check out Impartial Addiction's track Little Miss Perfect!
Impartial Addiction: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

2. Canary Swing
The indie/pop/rock group burst onto the scene in 2012 and have gone from strength to strength ever since. With supporting slots on tours with FutureProof and Antixx as well as Soccer Six appearances, plus their combination of sleek looks and tight production, the band's popularity is ever-increasing. Their EP The Flight is available now and includes the track Second Star To The Right, which you can hear below!
Canary Swing: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

3. Polar Collective
Hailing from Ipswich, Suffolk, Polar Collective formed in 2011 and their upbeat, catchy tunes have been attracting attention. They have gone from busking to getting their faces in Heat Magazine, and played festivals including Osfest and Thorpe Park Live. Their feel-good track Gold All Over will have you hitting the replay button and is available for download from here. Take a listen below!

Polar Collective: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Official Website

4. The Last Carnival
We just couldn't resist featuring this band again for those who may not be familiar with them. The Last Carnival are a rock'n'roll five-piece from Brighton and can raise the roof on any venue they enter. Their guitar-led melodies and infectious beats make this band a truly delightful one to listen to. While they work on new music, take a listen to their debut album The Call of '56, and their studio sessions series below!

The Last Carnival: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Official Website

5. Concept
When you see a young pop group, it's easy to suggest they are 'yet another boyband'. However, Concept, who have made an appearance on this year's The X Factor, are all close school friends and their chemistry as a band is apparent. They have penned original tracks but equally have the ability to put a spin on other artists' tunes. Strong vocals should be at the core of any singing group and these boys have got that. Check out Concept's cover of Ariana Grande's Problem below!

Concept: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

There you have it! Got a favourite? We'd love to hear your comments below! 

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