Video of the Week: The Last Carnival - The Beat Inside The Body

After months of working on their new music and developing the sound, The Last Carnival have given us exactly what we want - a new track and video!

It has certainly felt a long time coming for the Brighton-based group's fans who have been patiently waiting for their latest tune. After kickstarting the year with recording sessions in Antwerp, Belgium and two UK tours under their belts, the band have certainly been putting their stamp on the rock scene.

Premiering on their very own Vevo channel is the video for The Beat Inside The Body. We've always been firm believers that this band is one that delivers track after track. If you've seen them live, you'll know that it not just their overall performance that is outstanding - every number is a masterpiece in itself.

With soaring riffs, a catchy melody and sleek look, the band have never been tighter. Take a listen to The Beat Inside The Body below!
Like the sound of this? The Last Carnival are heading out on tour this December and you can purchase tickets here.

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