Introducing: Clones of Clones

This week, we bring you a new band hailing from Washington DC in the USA.

Clones of Clones are an indie rock four-piece comprised of Ben, Nick, Todd and Brian, and have recently released their EP I Don't Need Your Love

The lead track of the same title is dream-like with electric undercurrents, complete with entrancing vocals and melody. On a similar wavelength to the Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses and Kasabian, we definitely think Clones of Clones would sit well amongst the greats of the indie rock scene.

Check out the official video for I Don't Need Your Love below!
You can download the I Don't Need Your Love EP - which features two further tracks, Out Loud and The Battle Between - by clicking here.

Keep up-to-date with Clones of Clones on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and their official website.

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