Fresh Hit: WUHÜ - All Alone / Mermaids Ball

Credit: Ren Gill / Facebook
WUHÜ is a new musical project launched by Ren Gill.

If you've been a reader of ours from the very beginning, you may remember we featured a band called Trick The Fox back in July 2012. Since going their separate ways to pursue solo endeavours, Ren has been working hard, producing a variety of his own songs in a home studio.

Ren has now embarked on a hip-hop side project, going by the name of WUHÜ. Currently, there are two tracks available online, All Alone and Mermaids Ball. Take a listen to them both below!

 We absolutely love Ren and admire his hard-working ethic to be not just a singer, but a musician, songwriter, producer and all-round strong artist. While life has thrown him a curveball in the form of M.E., we think Ren is a true credit to himself for never giving up on creating those incredible beats. To support him in his projects, click here.

Keep up-to-date with WUHÜ on Facebook and Soundcloud.
Ren Gill: Facebook - Twitter

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