Apollo Junction | Interview

This week, we introduce you to Leeds band Apollo Junction and ask them a few questions about their career so far as well as what we can expect from them in the future.

Although they only formed in 2012 - as members of former rivalling bands, we might add - the five-piece has gone from strength to strength and been played on numerous radio stations including Graham Norton's BBC Radio 2 show, BBC Radio 6 and Xfm. With features in The Sun and The Times newspapers and almost 67,000 Youtube hits on their single Begin, no one can deny that Jamie, Matt, Ben, Sam and Jonny know how to 'DIY' in the music industry!

We were lucky enough to catch up with the boys this week as they took time out of their busy schedule to answer our questions: 

Firstly, can you elaborate on how you came to form as a band (and why you were previously rivals)? 
Basically, we were all in great Leeds bands all striving to be the next Kaiser Chiefs or Pigeon Detectives. So we were rivals, we would gig together and pretend to get on but behind each other’s back we would strive to better one another. Then as the band we were in started to plateau, it seemed logical to form a ‘super group’ - it was our intention to fill our band with as many brilliant song writers as we could. We don’t make rubbish filler songs - it’s a killer, cause we are all good songwriters: you have to be on your toes as if you want your song heard it has to be the best of five!

How would you sum up the band's sound in one sentence? 
We really struggle with this, people say you sound like what you listen to. We all grew up on 90’s rock but we all love The Beatles and some of the modern stuff - our drummer’s favourite band are the Foo Fighters. One sentence: ‘listen to us, add/follow us and send us a message and tell us!'

What instruments do each of you play? 
Jamie – Sings, guitar, piano and the new coffee machine he got off his mam for Christmas
Matt – Guitar, Sitar, Penny Whistle, bit of Keys
Ben – Bass, Didgeridoo, Guitar, Piano, Glockenspiel
Sam – Keys, Piano, Trumpet, Guitar (he is one of those annoying people who can pick up any instrument and play it)
Jonny – Barely Drums

As a band, what would you consider your biggest achievement to date? 
We have had some success being played by Radio 2, Radio 6 and XFM was mega and getting in The Sun and The Times was brilliant. But as silly as it sounds, the biggest achievement was forming the band - it was a risk and in life you need to take risks. We all left semi decent bands to make one really good band. The rest has come from that first step.

What are you most excited about for the future of Apollo Junction? 
I think it’s just amazing to see where this will take us, how far we can go with it all. We have two festivals this summer and we are planning a single release followed by an EP release. We self-manage everything we do. No one helps us other than people like you and the people who are reading this who go on the Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud and get in touch and promote us and for this we do really thank you.

You say you have all got an "unhealthy obsession with haircuts, good shoes and Sylvester Stallone films", do any of you have any other interesting/strange habits?
We all love Pringles and seem to bring them to any event, recording: bring the Pringles, gigging: bring the Pringles, Christening: bring the Pringles etc. We also love milk-based cocktails - no idea how to justify this but they are just lovely, like a pudding in a drink. Sam, our keys player, will just vanish to a foreign country when we have down time from the band and not tell anyone. So if we take two weeks off, we’ll call him to see if he wants a beer and he’ll just text a picture of a random bar and say ‘Sorry lads I can’t I am in Helsinki!'

Check out Apollo Junction's video for their track Such A Carry On below!

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