Introducing: Mi'das

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Mi'das aka Mike Davies is a soulful pop singer, songwriter and guitarist, originally from Brighton.

While you may not be familiar with Mi'das yet, the artist has been quietly making his mark on the music scene with not one but three EPs. In a video about his story so far (click here to watch) he says "I've always loved music that tells a story, made with soul and honesty", which is exactly what he aimed to portray across Glow, Grow and Stronger, the last of which was released this April.

With the stripped-back 'Glow' representing how Mike started out in the music industry, 'Grow' influenced by the R'n'B and soul music of the 60s and 70s, the trio of EPs concludes with 'Stronger, which he claims was "his chance to bring together all his influences with some more elaborate production". Although he admits the process of producing each record (which each contain four tracks, plus two remixes on 'Stronger') was a lengthy one, no one can deny that Mi'das has learnt his craft. He has successfully taken his songs on a momentous journey from being nothing more than a bedroom project to performances with the likes of Jessie J and Jamie Cullum.

Check out Mi'das' incredible acoustic performance of his original track Too Little Too Late - featured on Stronger - below! 

All three EPs are available on iTunes: Glow - Grow - Stronger

Keep up-to-date with Mi'das on social media: Facebook / Twitter / Youtube 

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