Apollo Junction - Blood On Hands EP | Review

Credit: Official EP Artwork
Apollo Junction are back with their new EP, Blood On Hands!

Opening title track Blood On Hands is quite hard to pin-point in terms of genre. You could say it's a bit of pop, rock and alternative all thrown into one with a similar sound to Tommy Bastow's old band Franko and Franz Ferdinand. Next song Woke Up is melodic and anthemic, complete with breezy guitars and foot-tapping drums.

Penultimate track In Your Arms, with fleeting piano and more punchy beats, is slightly more downtempo, with a melody that sounds a little like the earlier work of pop/rock group Fun. The EP closes with I Can Dance With You, which echoes the music of bands such as Pet Shop Boys and Scissor Sisters. Its electronic instrumentals give it a slightly more futuristic, dance and house-oriented feel than its predecessors but suggests the band aren't scared of a little experimentation - no bad thing!

Given the fact that each Apollo Junction song is reminiscent of a different artist, it is quite astonishing that the EP feels like a cohesive record. This is a true testament to the five-piece - they clearly know how to exert creative control with their compositions but manage to avoid doing too much production with lead singer Jamie's vocals, which undoubtedly unite the songs. 

We're also pleased to say the EP will be released for FREE next month! Keep an eye out for more details!

Check out the official video for Blood on Hands below!

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