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We bring you up to speed with Leeds-based singer Carl Anscombe!

Hey Carl, you've been fairly quiet for a while now, tell us what you've been up to!
I've been rehearsing a lot for the gigs I'm planning and preparing for this year and next! I'm working with a super talented guitarist and songwriter called Kyle Jones, and also Steven Dixon and Michael Baron - exciting times!

Who or what inspires you when you’re writing songs? 
A lot of my songs that I write about are extremely personal. One of my ex-girlfriends I have a lot to thank for, for actually getting me into music and pushing me to pursue it further. The breakup and the actual relationship inspired me greatly to create the music that I do and sometimes its a go-to for inspiration. Also, recently, I've been inspired by my friends and family - they've been in situations I've not been in but I've found ways to connect and understand and write something about it.

How do you try to make yourself stand out from other upcoming singers?
It's a good question. I just try to be sincere with every lyric and every song because I believe if people can relate or feel a certain way towards the music I write then I'm happy. And just to put a good show out there and build a great fanbase.

Your first solo gig is planned for the Eten CafĂ©, Sheffield on 31st July – are you excited?
I cannot wait! I'm still looking for more places to book but I'm doing everything I can to get everything right for this gig. A lot of friends and family are coming which will make it even more special. I have a few surprises as well music-wise, so it should be fun! (Click here for more details on the event)

In the short term, what are your goals as an artist?
Short term, just to create and make great music, and cover as many parts of the world as I can with my music through Youtube and performances etc.

Who would you like to collaborate with? Both in the near future and in the long-term?
Near future, I would love to work with Jack Walton (The X Factor 2014), seeing as we are from the same town [Castleford]. As for the long term, my absolute dream would be to collaborate with Craig David - even if it was for one song it would make my life haha! Justin Bieber would be up there too.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Craig DavidBorn To Do It or Rico Love #TTLO 

Have you got anything exciting planned for the rest of 2015?
Music, music, music, do as much as I can this year. I would love to do something big for charity as well this year and just go with the flow. Maybe have a holiday for my birthday in October! 

And finally, as a bit of fun, let’s play 'This or That':
Tea or Coffee? Pepsi! (said with a smirky face)
Sweets or Chocolate? Sweets!
Dogs or Cats? Dogs
The Simpsons or Family Guy? Simpsons!
London or New York? New York

Check out Carl's track Marry Me, which is nearly at 40,000 views on Youtube!

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