Introducing: Loreena Fonceca

Credit: Loreena Fonceca
We introduce you to Loreena Fonceca, a singer like no other!

To the eye, Loreena looks like any other teenager, determined to make a career out of music. What people may not know is that she suffers from Tourette's Syndrome, a condition that has caused her great suffering and exclusion. Despite showing symptoms by age 7, Loreena was not diagnosed until she was 13-years-old.

Having been an obvious target for bullying, Loreena knows how to stand out from the crowd but now wants to use her experiences and the struggles she faces daily in a positive light. After attending the Sylvia Young School weekly and training in singing, drama, dance and tap, the young talent aims to raise awareness of the condition and help those who suffer with it, through performance and music.

Loreena has produced a rap to Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream and you can watch it below!

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