Video of the Week: James Poole - Back To Black (Amy Winehouse Cover)

Credit: Youtube
We certainly think James Poole's take on this classic Amy Winehouse track deserves its place as our video of the week.

This week, Amy - a documentary about the life of the talented songstress, famous for her incredible soul and jazz voice - was released in cinemas. To mark the occasion, James decided to cover one of her most popular songs, Back to Black

When moving into the territory of such a critically acclaimed talent, it's certainly important to do a good job. Did he disappoint? Of course not! Two and a half months since his last upload on Youtube, James - who sings similar genres to Amy including blue-eyed soul, soft rock, jazz and swing - proved his talent certainly hasn't gone anywhere! If Amy were still alive today, we reckon she would be proud to see such a professional and well-sung rendition of her song.

Check out James's cover of Back to Black below!

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