Video of the Week: Stereo Kicks - Love Me So

Credit: Official Single Artwork
To honour the Stereo Kicks boys, Love Me So is our Video of the Week!

Yesterday, 8-piece boyband Stereo Kicks announced that they were going their separate ways. Despite their debut single peaking at No. 12 in the midweek charts and numerous shows since placing fifth on last year's The X Factor, a lack of record deal has left them with no option but to split. 

Despite huge support from their fanbase, many were waiting to see the underdogs fall from grace since they were put together at the Boot Camp stage of last year's competition. However, we think Tom, James, Reece, Charlie, Casey, Barclay, Jake and Chris should be proud of their achievements and wish them well as they embark on their solo ventures.

Check out the video for Love Me So below, which is split between serious shots of the boys and a party!


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