Video of the Week: The Updraft Imperative - I Believe

Credit: The Updraft Imperative
Our Video of Week this week goes to groove rock band The Updraft Imperative for their single I Believe.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, The Updraft Imperative are comprised of Josh Kerr (vocals), Murray Siddans (guitars) and Pete Sercombe (drums). What makes this trio stand out from other rock bands, you ask? Their Christian ethic. With a collective mission to "put faith into action", their lyrics are all about what God has done for them throughout their lives. They see their music as a challenge to some and encouragement to others, inviting everyone from the most religious to non-believers to get an insight to their faith.  

Whatever your view on religion is, a band such as this is rare - they are musically talented but they also successfully convey a strong personal message with their lyrics. I Believe is a song that many people can relate to on a wider scale - no matter how many times your belief in something is tested, just keep the faith!

Watch the video for I Believe below!
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