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We caught up with our friends in Lady Jane's Revenge this week and asked them a few questions about their career. We suggest you go grab a cuppa and a few biscuits, and sit back to find out more about the alternative/rock four-piece!

1. How would you sum up the band’s music in one sentence?
Raw, honest alternative rock music with truth and no hidden agendas. We have a very eclectic amount of inspirations that give us such a different sound to the usual in our genre. 

 2. How does living in Cornwall influence you musically?
The local fishing (Billy’s vegan so this one’s not for him haha) and historical mining towns, the beautiful beaches and the seaside views help us when we're not together to reflect and inspire us to create material ready for our next rehearsals. We write a lot of music that way, or just generally coming up with guitar riffs in our rooms after going for a jolly good surf haha! But most of all, the sea is a strange thing that brings us all together musically and we are granted a lot less ‘noise pollution’ down here which gives us time to think a little easier.

3. How does it feel to have garnered up so much local support in just eight months of being together? 
It’s been absolutely insane! All the local bands around here are really talented and we are slowly seeing everyone come together to support one another and hopefully "build" a local music scene again from all different styles of music. Also, our friends and families have given us so much support and we'd be nowhere without them! Thank you. It does help that we put on such an intense, high octane show live, which gets us closer to the crowd and bridges that veil between audience & band. We’ve seen strong growth due to our approach in person. 

4. Do you think that making a name for yourselves away from a city is harder than for bands that live in places such as Manchester and London?
We as a band truly believe that it’s who you know and the amount of effort you put into your band - that is when you reap the rewards. It can help knowing that if you’re in a city, you have a better chance in terms of things like travel, which is something that’s very weak down here. Everything’s few and far between and travel to and from shows can stunt on crowd size in some instances. But you always hear about bands getting known from small towns and stuff, Mick Fleetwood (co-founder and drummer for Fleetwood Mac) was born on the street behind where Ash (drummer) lives, so it’s a pretty small world …”Bottom line kids, you get out what you put in!!”

5. How did the EP title ‘1554’ come about?
Our EP '1554' was named for the reason that 'Lady Jane Grey' was executed for having different views and expressed them knowing those in power would stand to lose a lot of control with the “masses”. When she became unlikely Queen of England, she was cheated out of the throne after only a week. '1554' was the year she was murdered so it has a connection with our band name too in context to us wanting to spread the importance of being honest and trying to ask our audience to never take words for fact. Question everything until your gut feels appeased: “this world’s history has been built on many lies and we will always be manipulated to suit somebody’s personal agenda and gain.”

6. What would be the ideal gig for Lady Jane’s Revenge?
Every possible gig we can get our hands on would be our ideal gig haha. We do aspire greatly and if we had to pick, it would probably have to be the main stages of Download Festival or Warped Tour! They are some of the best shows out there! Of course we would love to go further… but we are realists.

7. How do you intend to stand out from other upcoming alternative rock bands?
By purely being ourselves, and not trying to be something we're not. It’s not a personal dig to any bands at all, but we want to write music with meaning where it’s more than just 'a song'. It’s always important to have a catchy tune but with a meaning, as that can help many people as a kinda 'therapy' so to speak. So we wanna help people who have been through a lot, because each of us have been there ourselves. We are lucky that we can infuse styles from all over the board, our vocalist has a distinctive voice. He grew up surrounded by estates in London listening to Old Skool garage/rap with friends of many different cultures when younger, which is something many rock musicians quite possibly won’t relate with. These influences will always become vocal in the way we make music. Twenty One Pilots have done an excellent job in changing people’s perspectives on how modern rock should sound - we hope to add to that.

8. When can we expect new material?
For the moment, we are booking shows locally, and our first independent one-week tour on the south coast of the UK starting at London, ending at Plymouth/Bristol in November, is being planned. So for now, we are writing new material and you can expect us to be playing it live at our shows but we are yet to record it in the studio. This side of the year is all about gigging and promoting our first EP '1554' but more material will be on its way. We’re always writing and adding to our set-lists accordingly.

9. What else do you have planned for the next year?
For the next year, we are all gonna be about playing as many venues as possible up and down the UK. Hopefully, we’ll get on to some great support slots at big shows and a few tours/festivals would be nice too! It’s a really exciting time for us right now, and we are gonna blow the gigs out of the water so watch out, we're coming!

Check out the band's latest single, Positive Mental Attitude, below!

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