Lady Jane's Revenge | An Interview With Frontman Billy Crook

Credit: LJR / Karum Cooper Pifftography
This week, we bring you an exclusive interview with one of our favourite frontmans, Billy Crook of Lady Jane's Revenge!

1. What influenced your decision to become the frontman in a band?
Singing is something I’ve literally done in and around my home absolutely everyday since I can remember. I can still remember my nan telling me many times when I was young to “bloody shut up” or “be quiet”. I don’t think there has been a morning when I’ve woken up and not involuntarily sang something. I was very good at performing arts at school and saw “throwing all of me out there for all to see” as a very liberating way to deal with my pent up emotions that I harboured due to an uneasy upbringing.

2. Have you been in any bands prior to Lady Jane’s Revenge?
I have been in one official band previous to LJR with a small group of some of my very closest best friends. We were called Loyalties Lie and played a hybrid of metal & hard rock, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I was the drummer by default hahaha so supressed my vocal tendencies until I felt comfortable I’d learnt enough musically from my peers. We were very young at the time, 18/19 to my now 27 years of age and I am proud to say that each of us have matured into fine musician. Two of the guitarists have gone on to begin a new prog rock project The Wolf Is Loose and will be recording their debut in November. The vocalist Grim Hernandez proudly wrote our song Carbon for us. For me, he is one of the finest lyricists I’ve seen, without being biased. I look forward to sharing his upcoming solo work & ‘TWIL’ recordings with our fanbase in the near future.

3. If you could create your own festival line-up with only five bands, which bands would you choose?
(Hmm bands, I’ll leave ‘MJ’ & Eminem out of this then haha)
1 - Linkin Park
2 - Limp Bizkit. If it wasn’t for these two, I wouldn’t have started becoming engrossed with alternative music so early, not to mention their first 3 albums are classic.
3 - Let Live. Jason Butler is an inspiration for me and this definitely shows at our live gigs… his raw passion, energy and lyrics encapsulate me.
4 - Memphis May Fire. This band redeemed my faith in new music. I’m very hard to please when it comes to new bands who copy and oversaturate the market, but these guys knocked me for six and I love them.
5 - Gym Class Heroes. I’ve taken so much from this band in terms of how they’ve dealt with coming from nothing, whilst also conquering severe anxiety. I grew up listening to Motown/Soul and old rock n roll and this band proved that I could experiment and blend my different musical tastes together to appease my personal taste.

4. If you could tour with any artist, who would it be?
I credit Travie McCoy (GCH) with influencing me to write one of my favourite songs P.M.A and he is the epitomy of cool isn’t he? I’d love to spend time with him on the road. Failing that, I adore Ozzy Osbourne and the person he was to who he is now. I find him hilarious but I’m in awe of what stories that guy can tell. I have many questions I would ask him.

5. What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
Damn! I’ve seen some immense shows… The Big Four at Sonisphere was huge but I was very far back and so that hindered in this answer for me. Rammstein were the boll*cks too. Faith No More, Slipknot, Pendulum… 
For this ,I need to give two answers (stage show & total happiness in that moment) 
KISS - They absolutely frazzled my face. I couldn’t even comprehend in the moment how amazing their show was. There were tons of fireworks, so much pyro and Paul Stanley flying overhead on a zipwire, not to mention every song they played was like the biggest house party ever haha. 
Number 1 has to be for how I felt in the moment for this set… The first time I randomly stumbled across Skindred at 11 in the morning at Download 08, it was the most beautiful and relaxed beaming hot day and Benji Webbe had “for first band on the main stage” the absolute whole field skanking and dancing to their reggae-fuelled beatdowns. Thousands upon thousands of us all hugging and dancing together, swinging our shirts and doing a full workout so early into the day. The energy I felt of pure bliss coming from such an enormous amount of people, literally just after eating breakfast, was mesmerising. It will always pop up first in my head. Could you imagine the whole tube train on the way to work getting wild with joy to ‘Nobody’? It felt like that but only it was happening on every train all over the UK simultaneously at that moment.

6. Do you have a particular place where you feel the most creative/inspired?
I think this will be quite common among all people - “When I go to bed” haha, it seems the only time when all of life’s noise shuts down and goes to sleep, which happens to be when I’m meant to be sleeping. I have jotted down or recorded on my phone many songs this way. I had a friend ‘space clean’ my home of all built up stagnant energies a while back and she told me, ironically right next to my favourite seat, that it is the creative hub of the home. I’ve penned there pretty easily. Lastly, I have a very unusual but impressive 100-yard distance between my house and the nearest shop, which coincidently gets my mind flooded with content. I’ve run home to scribble down at least a dozen times.

7. How do you spend your time when you’re not working on music?
I have grown spiritually over the past 10 years and read enormous amounts, to the point where my gut can instantly recognise nonsense from the very hidden truth. There’s a quote “you need to read through a wheelbarrow full of books just to find one page of truth”. Other than that, I am vegan so I enjoy the company of animals much more now I have given myself the time to bond with them alongside my family.

8. Do you have any hidden talents? 
No hidden talents, unless extra sensory powers through empowering my spirit counts (lmao) I’m very good at persuading people and being outspoken, although those are not hidden.

Check out the video for Positive Mental Attitude, the latest single from Lady Jane's Revenge.

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