The Vamps - Wake Up | Top 5 Covers

This week, The Vamps premiered the video for their latest single, Wake Up. While we love the video for the track, which features none other than Brooklyn Beckham, we thought we'd seek out the best covers for your entertainment!

1. New Hope Club, comprised of Reece (of X Factor boyband Stereo Kicks fame), Blake and George. The trio did their own guitar and vocals cover as their first band Youtube upload!

2. We're also loving this acoustic cover from Archie Norris, an upcoming singer from the South East of England.

3. Proving this track isn't just made for male vocals, Cally Rhodes does Wake Up justice with a stunning laid-back piano rendition of the track.
4. After discovering Swedish group Beside The Bridge's cover, we're not entirely convinced their sound is 'modern hard rock' as they describe it. However, we think their version of the track is still worthy of making it into our Top 5!

5. Last but not least, Chloe Adams injects some electricity into Wake Up, giving it a rockier feel than many of the other covers we've come across.

So that concludes our Top 5 Covers of The Vamps' Wake Up. Who's cover do you like the most? Or did we miss out your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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