Juliet Hudson - Lucid | EP Review

Credit: Official EP Artwork
We thought we'd give Juliet Hudson's debut EP, Lucid, a listen! 

Recently, we did a track review of the the r'n'b/pop singer's song Wonder (read here). Earlier this month, Juliet's EP dropped and we reckoned we should check it out, given how much we enjoyed the lead single.

Opening track Hail Mary may have a urban sound to it but there are no rap lyrics to be found here, with Juliet's powerful voice the main focus from the off. Love Sick, contains slicing violins and vocals at the start, before building up into a pop tune about unrequited love, with the catchy 'la la la' hook giving it the feel of a Little Mix track.

Want It All - like Hail Mary and Love Sick - was produced by Mr Damention but carries a completely different vibe. Slow and ballad-like, lyrics such as "I'm lost for words when you say my name.. That's enough to want it all" reflect the desire to protect a loved one. After uptempo tracks, exposing your vocal ability on a downbeat song can be dangerous but for Juliet, it's a risk that certainly pays off.

With its layered vocals and electric guitar, Fall Again is at times, every bit as dramatic as you might expect. Final track Live Young Forever may have the clich├ęd title, but despite this, its robotic synthesised instrumentals and Juliet's alluring voice, make it into an r'n'b track with an electronic twist. It's unlikely to be the closer you're expecting but proves once again that Juliet has versatility, something that is always good to display so early on in a singer's career.

For a debut, Lucid gives a welcoming taste of what to expect from rising star Juliet Hudson as she emerges from the shadows of being a backing vocalist into her well-deserved solo centre stage position.

Take a listen to the Lucid EP below!

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