Craig David - When The Bassline Drops | Top 5 Covers

Craig David dropped his latest tune When The Bassline Drops last week, featuring Big NarstieTo celebrate the R'n'B maestro's return to music after five years, we compiled a list of our Top 5 covers of some of his biggest hits!

1. Nicola Mousicos - 7 Days was one of Craig's biggest hits when he released it in 2000 and we really feel this acoustic guitar cover by Nicola does it justice. Smooth and sleek, we only wish it was a little longer! Check her out on Twitter here.

2. The Overtunes - never ones to restrict ourselves to UK artists, we reckon this cover of Craig David's Walking Away is pretty good! The trio are from Indonesia and although officially started a band in 2010, they are actually all brothers! Find them on Twitter here.

3. Glenn Lumanta - we absolutely love this Fill Me In cover by Glenn, a 22-year-old who resides in Sydney, Australia. It may be 16 years since this debut solo single of David's was released but this cover proves it's as timeless as ever. Be sure to check out Glenn on Twitter.

4. Adam Lee - for something a little different, we can't resist this incredible electric guitar cover. As a big Craig fan himself, we reckon Adam's wonderfully soulful take on 7 Days certainly does the singer proud. Follow Adam on Twitter here.

5. Off Colour - technically not just a Craig David cover, but does feature Fill Me In. This mash-up, done exclusively for the awesome LinkUp TV, is insane, and well worth a listen! Find them on Twitter here.

There's our Top 5 Craig David covers. Which was your favourite? Or do you have another one we missed out? Comment/tweet us your thoughts!

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