Video of the Week: Drewford Alabama ft. The Lost Brothers - I Go To Sleep

Credit: Drewford Alabama Youtube
Jamie Morrison presents Drewford Alabama with a cover of I Go To Sleep!

Jamie, best known for being the drummer of Stereophonics and Noisettes, first decided to present 'The Life and Times of Drewford Alabama' after coming across a notebook in a second-hand suitcase by a man with the name.

Keen to produce a male cover of a track made famous by a female voice, Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Jamie enlisted the help of The Lost Brothers and their harmonious style. I Go To Sleep is the third instalment in the Drewford Alabama story, and was recorded  on board a boat on the River Thames in December 2012. This floating setting was certainly a perfect one for a song that is so wonderfully dream-like, it'll have you feeling like you're drifting away in an idyll too.
Check out the video for I Go To Sleep below. Beautifully simple but symbolic, it features a young boy singing to the track before he turns into a man in the latter half of the video.
Download I Go To Sleep here.
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