Video of the Week: GL - Nightmare

Credit: GLRecordsTV Youtube
Our first Video of the Week in 2016 goes to hip-hop artist GL!

GL - or Gal - is a rapper, singer and producer from Tel Aviv, Israel. He also taught himself to play guitar and piano from the age of 17. Now 20-years-old, GL has released a mixtape and built himself up a loyal fanbase of more than 1,300 Facebook fans. 

Yesterday, Gal premiered his latest video Nightmare. The hip-hop/pop track features a mixture of singing and rapping about a relationship, through all the trials and tribulations it brings. With multiple instruments including electric guitar, big drum beats and electro sounds, the song is undoubtedly powerful in sound as well as lyrical content.

Its accompanying video includes solo shots of the upcoming singer performing the track against a black backdrop as well as scenes with an on-screen girlfriend. The message of the song is reflected in their evident fighting before reconciling at the track's conclusion.

Check out GL's official video for Nightmare below!

Download GL's mixtape The Tribute here.
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