Introducing: Obsidi8

Credit: Obsidi8
This week, we introduce you to Kent-based artist, Obsidi8!

Obsidi8 - a combination of the words 'obsidian' and 'create' - or sometimes known as Just Jake, is certainly not one to limit himself. The 21-year-old, whose real name is Jake Evans, is a music producer, musician and beatboxer, and recently moved from Langport, Somerset to Chatham in Kent.

Jake's work sees him produce predominantly drum and bass and house tracks, filtering in his refined beatbox skills over the top of his production work of rapid synths and hard-hitting beats.

Describing himself as someone who struggles to contain his creativity, he also enjoys photography as well as producing art and literature and hopes to influence others in a positive way with his creations.

Take a listen to Obsidi8's repetoire below, including his latest pumping drum and bass track, Be Beautiful!

Find Obsidi8 on social media: Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Soundcloud / Official Website

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