Richie Ashwin - Isolate | EP Review

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Richie Ashwin recently released his EP, Isolate. HD gives you the lowdown!

Hailing from Surrey, Richie Ashwin aims to bring his own style of atmospheric, downtempo electronic pop to the music industry. Isolate is his second EP and the follow-up to his self-titled debut release in 2014. His work is predominantly reflecting on break-ups, heartbreak and regret.

Title track Isolate opens quite literally with thunder, lightning and rain, immediately giving it a cinematic element. Complete with water-like sound effects and Richie's soft vocals, it feels as if you are being carried on hypnotic journey of his self-reflection.

Next, You&Me, continues the EP in the dream-like state of its predecessor with a slow piano melody and echoing beats. Despite the heavy production on Richie's voice, the reverberation thankfully doesn't let his vocals become any less soulful or compelling.  

Penultimate track We Could Be, is the shortest on the record but is akin to the sound that Richie has developed with his recent material. Layered in hazy synths and resounding beats, the track is atmospheric and moody, as he talks about 'the devotion we could be, to break out the inner me'.

One More closes, with Richie's vocals moving in and out of audio focus, at times drowned out by the layers of echoing electronic production. Arguably the most sombre of the tracks, the lyrics 'I don't like the thought of losing you' seem fitting with the distortion of his voice.

With another EP, Midnight to be released shortly, it seems Richie certainly has no shortness of material. With a glorious raw, soulful tone to his voice, it seems he's found his niche after continuing to hone his musical identity. If atmospheric pop works for Lana Del Rey, who says it can't work for Richie Ashwin?

Take a listen to Isolate below!

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