Video of the Week: Kerosene Stars - Talk Talk

Source: Kerosene Stars Youtube
Kerosene Stars win our Video of the Week this week!

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Kerosene Stars are an American rock five-piece comprised of Scott Schaafsma (bass, vocals), Andy Seagram (guitar, backing vocals), Yoo Soo Kim (viola, keyboards), Jim Adair (drums), and Tom Sorich (percussion).

Talk Talk - which fuses a pop and Costello-style rock'n'roll sound - features on the band's Burn The Evidence EP, and has been receiving radio play both stateside and in the UK. We're also loving the music video, the band's first, which features a mix of live action and cool animation work.

Check out the video for Talk Talk below!

Download Burn The Evidence
Find Kerosene Stars on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and their official website.


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