Video of the Week: Shïppa-63 - Hard Driven

Source: Shïppa-63 Facebook
This week's Video of the Week goes to Shïppa-63 for Hard Driven!

Don't be fooled by the image... or look a little harder. Shïppa-63 is the one-man project of Mark Hoy. Hailing from the land of Oz (we mean Australia), Mark's music is indie rock with a British sound.

Shïppa-63 released his 12-track album Pas Rien in March and Hard Driven is the follow-up single to the record. In the video for the track, the drummer of the 'group' gets behind the wheel. We're loving the simplistic black and white aesthetic of this video - no gimmicks needed here!

Take a watch of the video for Hard Driven below!

Download Shïppa-63's album Pas Rien
Find Shïppa-63 on Twitter and Facebook


  1. So pleased with this promo, Hannah. You've done an awesome job getting the vibe of the "band".


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