10 Ways To Beat The Off Days

Source: Hannah Dix
Off days. We all have them. What that may mean to each of us can differ - depressed, anxious, tired, unable to focus for no particular reason or simply not quite yourself. Regardless of what you define as an 'off day', these are ten things I find help me take my mind away from a negative headspace into a more positive and productive mentality.

1. Do a workout/run/walk. Some may find running tedious (I know I do), but there are a huge range of fitness apps available if it doesn't come easily to you. I recently started using FitStar which is really fun and also use Pacer to count my steps.

2. Be creative - paint, draw, design, capture. If it's a nice day, head out with your camera or phone and see if you can take some nice shots of your surrounding area. Or, if you prefer, grab some paper and pencils and draw. Whatever comes to mind, and whether you're arty or a complete beginner, just go with it.

3. Take a bath. For efficiency, most people take showers but I'll have a bath whenever possible. Admittedly, I'm not at all keen on candles round a bath and have never actually used a bath bomb (shock horror) but use whatever you like most to make you feel relaxed. I recommend Radox's bath soak - they smell SO good and only cost around £1 a bottle.

A scrapbook of my teenage & university years made for me by my friend Jasmine
4. Start a new project. Having an enjoyable recurring project you can dip into is rewarding, fun and a stress buster. A scrapbook is a cool way of collating some of your best memories. Find photos (get some printed if you haven't got any) and glue them into a scrapbook. Add captions, doodles, and stickers and make it personal to you. I also made my friend a self-care box - I loved working out what to buy, keeping an eye out for any items and of course, giving the present at the end!

5. Listen to music. This is a fairly obvious one but it's true that music connects to us in ways that we often can't even explain. Whether you want to listen to heavy metal, lie on your bed with some therapeutic calming sounds, or dance around your room to Taylor Swift, music is a great release and works as a great distraction from your thoughts.

6. Meet a close friend. Invite your best friend over to watch a film, or meet them out at the park or a cafe. Socialising one-on-one or in a small group can be very effective when you need cheering up. Surrounding yourself with positive people helps to raise your mood - you can talk to them about anything that's on your mind and they'll distract you with talking about themselves too.

Enid Blyton was my favourite author as a child
7. Read a book. Books can be a great form of escapism, although I often find 'adult' books can be a bit much if I'm trying not to overthink things. If this is the case with you, find a childhood favourite or even listen to an audio book if that puts your mind at ease more effectively.

8. Bake. Cupcakes are my ultimate favourite, and I've made them for friends, family and colleagues in the past. Find a recipe, get all the ingredients and bake some delicious treats for some people you love. Don't forget to save a few for yourself.. you have to make sure they taste good first, right?

9. Tidy. I'm not an untidy person but I had ended up hoarding a lot until a recent clear-out. Take a corner of your room, or the whole thing if it's small, and tackle it. Throw things out, make a charity bag, and de-clutter. Get out the polish and wipe the dust away. Cleaning can be incredibly therapeutic.

10. Watch Youtube videos. If you haven't got a favourite Youtuber, the platform tends to recommend videos it thinks you'll like. Watch challenges, vlogs, tutorials, music videos - anything that takes your fancy. Many content creators are incredibly entertaining and funny, and you may find someone worth subscribing to!

Do you do any of the above or have you got another way of tackling your off days? Let me know in the comments below!


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