Cloudy Galvez - Let It Run WILD! | EP Review

Until recently, Cloudy Galvez worked as a solo artist, forging a career with her real name Claudia Galvez. The singer is no stranger to the live scene, and has played numerous gigs throughout London including at Proud Camden, Bar Vinyl and Battersea Park Festival.

Let It Run WILD! EP marks the beginning of Cloudy Galvez's venture as the frontwoman of a band. The three-track debut showcases what the collective has been working on and gives listeners a taste of what's to come.

The EP opens with the title track, and having read that the band described their genre as 'progressive acoustic soul', we weren't entirely sure what to expect. However, after hearing this track, that description perfectly encapsulates the song's sound. The light drumming and guitar paired with Cloudy's calming vocals give the track an altogether restful feel.

Next track Discrepancy has more of the acoustic guitar and drums but this time, the vocals are given a little more weight. Cloudy has a wonderfully soulful tone to her voice and hearing them come to prominence certainly does nothing but add to the beautiful melody.

Distance closes the EP, and was the first single to be released from the record last month. Out of the three tracks, this seems like the most commercial and radio-ready, with the addition of electronic beats and reverb. With its fresh, summery feel, we can just imagine DJs adding this to their sets, especially while the weather's still warm.

If you're looking for some light and easy listening, you're in the perfect place. There's absolutely nothing jarring about this EP and amongst all the commotion of everyday, we can all do with a bit of tranquility here and there.

Take a listen to the Let It Run WILD! EP below!
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