Fresh Hit: Harry - Pleasure Dome

Source: PR
If you're unfamiliar with Harry, let us introduce you to him. Raised in Montana, Harry Ostem is a singer, songwriter and bassist with a love for music and comedy. With his songs, he seeks to combine the two, and the result is tongue-in-cheek disco funk. 

Harry is a wonderful and quirky character, as you can probably deduce from the photo above. Can you really go wrong with flowing locks, a white suit and a cute kitten? We say no, and we're grateful that his tracks (and their accompanying videos) are set to be no different.

Pleasure Dome (February 26, 1981) combines Harry's love for rock, disco and funk, and sees his first solo video release. We weren't around in the 80s but we're grateful that Harry takes such influence from the decade. Admittedly, very little of this video makes sense but it's all the more glorious for it.

Take a watch of the video for Pleasure Dome below! Make sure you look out for the bear receiving a massage in the shower...

Find Harry on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and his official website


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