A Snapshot of... London

Being a tourist at Piccadilly Circus
Although I've had my DSLR since March, it was only recently that I finally had the opportunity to go into central London and snap up some shots of the city. After meeting my talented friend George (check his stuff out) at King's Cross, I then walked all the way back to Waterloo. In case you're unaware, that's quite a long walk and I made it even longer, taking a couple of hours to visit some of London's landmarks. Here are my favourites from the day!

Street art on Shaftesbury Avenue
Drury but not dreary: The brightest doorway in London?

It's all go on the Strand
Leicester Square looking autumnal in the sun
I really enjoyed becoming a tourist in my own city for the day, wandering around solo, and given how many times I've been mistaken for a non-Brit ("No, I wish I was Spanish or Italian"), I probably looked like I was on holiday!

Looking forward to a catch-up with the Queen
Catching a glimpse of the London Eye at Horse Guards Parade
Celebrating Pride at Trafalgar Square's traffic lights

Nelson Mandela statue at the Southbank Centre
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Have you ever become a tourist in your hometown? Let me know in the comments below! If not, I definitely recommend you try it!


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