Fresh Hit: Wons Phreely - Stars

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Wons Phreely (real name Justin Wonsly) has built himself a reputation of being hard to box when it comes to genre. Influenced by the likes of Joe Strummer, Morrissey and Buddy Holly, he draws on contrasting musical eras and styles to bring his own unique flavour to the table. 

Now more permanently based in Los Angeles, his quest to find some of the best musicians to work with resulted in the formation of Wons Phreely + The Horses. Together, they produced Stars, which Justin wrote after realising he needed to make a big change in his life.

With guitar riffs and a heavy beat, it does have a feel of decades gone by - perhaps a hint of Presley or Costello. But this much more than a replica of yesteryear's icons, and Wons combines fuses that sound with his contemporary, indie vocals.

Take a listen to Stars below! 

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