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Electronic duo, Shmoo, comprised of David and Neil, are from Manchester and have just released their new single, GhostThis week, we were lucky enough to interview them about the track, their advice for upcoming artists and plans for the next year!

1. How would you sum up your sound in one sentence? 
Electronic 80’s Synth Driven Indie Pop Rock

2. Who would you say are your main influences?
Air // Les Rythmes Digitales // Daft Punk // Kraftwerk // Portishead

3. Your new single Ghost is the first track to be released from your upcoming album. Can we expect a similar sound throughout the record? 
We have had a very hands on, possibly more refined personal touch to this album compared to say some of our previous work, so the answer is yes. The record is full of our collection of vintage 70s and 80s Synthesisers - a combination of Neil’s vocals and David’s Vocoded voice are present throughout and retro drum machines form the majority of the rhythm section.

4. The video for Ghost is very futuristic. Where did the inspiration for that come from?
The overall look is inspired by films such as 80’s film Tron and Blade Runner, from the Shmoo jackets to the look of the Club “Purgatory”… Characters such as the twins and The Taker (the dark entity) look - to the costumes and make-up used in films like The Matrix… The robot bar tender looks like it could come from the Star Wars or Alien universe… so inspiration come from a combination of these classic films.

5. You've said previously that you love live performances and recently had a sold out show at Media City. Have you got plans to tour across the UK soon?
Hopefully 2017 will see Shmoo explore the country and world to tour the album - watch this space!

6. Given your experience, what advice would you give to artists or DJs who are just starting out in the music industry? 
Don’t be put off by the amount of creative people, bands, artists, Dj’s etc out there. If you are talented, there is room for you too. Do what you enjoy doing, and keep creating the music and performing that you want to create and perform.

7. Now you've given us a teaser with Ghosts, when can we expect the album?

2017 date yet to be confirmed.

8. Can you let us in on any of your plans for the rest of 2016 and next year?
We’ll be releasing a second single later in 2016 called Plastic Surgery (you can watch a teaser trailer for the music video here).

Take a watch of the video for Ghost below!

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