Tales of a Student | My Favourite Uni Memories

Didn't know I lived with models? My delightful housemates ponder on life as we take a break from dissertation stress at Hengistbury Head in January. A beautiful place for a walk, I'd love to visit again.
After posting last week's Alternative Guide To Freshers, I thought I'd keep with the theme of university as obviously it's very topical at this time of year. I'm not mourning the fact that I've left Bournemouth but I really do enjoy reminiscing about the time I spent there and I don't think that's a bad thing. I also realise that until recently, I've shared very little of my personal life on my blog due to it being solely about music until last month. 

Sometimes the smallest event can have the biggest impact, becoming a long-running joke or story to tell for many years. Here's some of the best memories I have from my time in Bournemouth.

First year was actually my least favourite year at uni but remembering this play we went to watch together (related to one of our course texts) still makes me laugh. We all had absolutely no idea what was going on! 

My second year housemates and the perfect people to spend a year living with at uni. 

Not technically a uni memory but the only time my friends from home and uni merged together was at my 20th birthday party - it was beach themed, don't judge.

Right at the beginning of third year, we celebrated our friend Lex's birthday and then hit the beach the next day. "The sun is out in Bournemouth, we must take a photo."

One of my favourites from a party we went to in final year!

I still like to proudly tell people that I spent five hours in the kitchen preparing this Christmas meal. 'Hannah' and 'head chef' should never go together in a sentence but we successfully managed to produce a decent meal with our tiny oven and lack of crockery.

We can do smart. This was for Joe's 21st, just before heading out for a meal. The whole day was definitely one of my favourite days overall at uni. I also learnt I am shocking at crazy golf.

Dissertation hand-in day! It wouldn't be complete without a long photoshoot to show that "Look everyone, we've completed this, we're still alive and maybe only a little bit insane!"

The beach. This was taken one evening when we had a BBQ with some friends we made towards the end of our time in Bournemouth, which was very relaxing. 

Our final Summer Ball! Bournemouth's is basically a fancy dress festival and we went as the Cluedo suspects. 'Squad goals', as they say.

Every one of these pictures and memories means something to me. There's many more photos stored away which I definitely cannot post here for reasons that will remain unexplained... but rest assured, particularly in my final year, I had an incredible time and had some experiences I will never forget.

P.S. I'd also like to take the time to honour RuPaul here, a queen who got my final year house through many difficult times. I haven't got a photo to sum up your influence (well none I can publish without losing a limb) but thank you for gracing the television screen of our tacky house.

Did you go to uni? I'd love to hear some of your favourite or funniest memories below!


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