#MoreInCommon Album To Be Released

Source: Official Album Artwork
Since the EU Referendum, the UK has seen an increase in race-related crime, with many ethnicities feeling more and more like they are no longer welcome. Led by the HOPE not hate charity, #MoreInCommon is a national campaign to bring our communities back together and abolish hate and extremism. 

Simon Tucker, founder of Timeless Promotions, came up with the idea of putting an album together for the campaign, after being disgusted with the way people began to treat each other following the referendum. He says: "I had the idea of utilising the contacts and friends I have made over the years in the music industry to see if they would be up for donating songs to the album." As it was, bands and artists jumped at the chance to be involved, with a grand total of 87 songs being donated by the likes of Jamie Morrison, Chris & Cosey and Beak> as well as many unsigned artists.

About the album, Nick Ryan of HOPE not hate said: “We’re delighted that Simon has brought together so many artists in support of our work. #MoreInCommon was our response to Jo Cox’s death and the divisions and disunity which emerged during the Referendum process. We’ve had a fantastic response so far, and with the support of this new album – alongside others who’ve so kindly donated their money and time to HOPE not hate – we’ll be able to continue that effort well into the future.”  

The album is due out on the 28th October.

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