The Chainsmokers - Closer | Top 5 Covers

The world has been going crazy for The Chainsmokers' track with Halsey, Closer, since it first hit radio waves. The hit has been covered countless times, including by some of Youtube's most famous. However, those with millions of views don't need any more exposure from us...

These are our Top 5 covers by emerging artists! Make sure you subscribe to the artist on Youtube if you enjoyed them!

Jacko Brazier
We love this Aussie! Not only can he sing, he's pretty damn funny - be sure to check out his social media for his comedy videos too!

Lesha Litonjua 
There's nothing to be jealous of where Lesha is concerned - well perhaps besides her incredible voice, awesome style and amazing hair!

New Hope Club
These three lads have been a band less than a year and have already been on tour with the The Vamps. James even joined them for this Chainsmokers cover!

Annie Pattison
We just came across this pretty Canadian girl and we're already a fan! She proves that the track doesn't need to be uptempo, and she does it with style!

Granted, these six Irish boys have already gained themselves a pretty big reputation on social media, but we thought their cover of Closer deserved a little more love!

So which cover of The Chainsmoker's 'Closer' is your favourite? Or do you have another one we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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