Video of the Week: Anna Renee - Addicted To Heartbreak

Source: Youtube
Our Video of the Week goes to Anna Renee for Addicted To Heartbreak!

Los Angeles-based Anna Renee has long been viewed as a triple threat, as singer, songwriter and actress. The electro pop's upcoming EP, which is due out on the 28th October, will feature Addicted to Heartbreak. The track taps into the pain of being wrapped up in addiction, in a cycle of never ending hunger, and is beautifully thought-provoking without taking on the typical ballad form that you'd expect.

In the video, Anna bends and flows with effortless abandon, wrapped up in various lovers and lost in a world of her own. Whether it’s withering with sadness in a gritty hotel room or losing herself in the lights and colours of her imagination, it captures who we are when we feel we have deserted ourselves. 

Take a watch of the video for Addicted To Heartbreak below!

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