Video of the Week: Liz Loughrey - Rise Up!

Liz Loughrey has premiered the video for her latest single Rise Up!

With over 2million views on her Youtube channel and nearly 30,000 subscribers, Liz is steadily garnering attention from both the industry and music fans. Citing Etta James and Sade as her main influences, the Toronto-based singer calls back to the past with her soulful voice, which is infused with modern pop to appeal to a current audience.

Keen to make music that has an impact and gets people talking, Loughrey's latest single, Rise Up!, is all about inspiring people to do something worthwhile with their time. The lyrics ask the question "Do you really want to live before you die?" About the track, Liz says: '"Rise Up! is more than a song, it's a movement. The #RiseUpMovement is all about telling the stories of people who are positively impacting the world and encouraging people of all ages and walks of life to Rise Up in their communities."

Take a watch of the video for Rise Up! below, featuring clips of people 'fighting' for change and making positive differences.

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