Video of the Week: Arcadia - Heavy Rain

Source: Facebook
"Who deserves your coveted Video of the Week slot?" we hear you ask. This week, it goes to Arcadia for Heavy Rain!

Admittedly, until very recently, we were unfamiliar with Arcadia ourselves, but we're all about unveiling fresh (and great) talent from across all genres, and if we find something we like, it'd be rude not to share it with you! Arcadia are a five-piece from Manchester, comprised of Tom, Samuel, Dave, Aiden and Ollie.

What we really like about this band is that they aren't just about making metal music, they combine rap with metal, and it sounds pretty damn good! Fusing two genres that are generally considered to be vastly different, and producing an outcome as good as this, certainly makes Arcadia worthy of some exposure. 

Take a watch of the video for Heavy Rain below! Do you think rap metal could become the next big thing?

Download your copy of Heavy Rain
Download your copy of Hunting Season
Find Arcadia on TwitterFacebook and Youtube


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