A Fresh Start

After recently writing that post-graduation life is frustrating in my last personal post, Juggling Commitments, I'm pleased to say I've secured a full-time grad job and start in January!

I do really love blogging, it's been a passion of mine for a long time, and it's equipped me with pretty good time management skills. However, the endless struggle to do everything for the blog - much more than meets the eye - as well as completing assignments at uni until earlier on this year, and more recently, working part time, was beginning to grate on me. I've had to resort to mainly writing music posts because the inspiration for those drops into my inbox daily, and my main aim with this blog continues to be to support unsigned artists.

Regardless, from the new year, HD Online will be taking a back seat. If I'm entirely honest, I'm not reluctant to do that, purely because I'm excited to start a career, meet new people and be earning a proper salary. Of course, I've grown and worked on HD on my own for four and a half years, and I don't want it to disappear from my life, but sadly you can't live on passion and ambition forever. 

Most people want a lot from me but would never pay for the service I provide, or still expect me to buy their gig tickets, even if I have written numerous free features for them in the past. It simply doesn't cross their mind that perhaps that isn't really viable for me, certainly not if I did it frequently. That's not a direct criticism but rather that I think I've given quite a lot, I'm proud of the contribution I've made, the bands I've helped, PR companies that I've come into contact with and it's a pleasure to have readers I'd rather call friends. Now, I'm deciding to take, not from anyone else, but just my chance to develop personally and professionally. One day, I'd love to do music marketing (similar to what I do on the blog) full-time, but I need to learn, experience and live a little first.

So what does the future of HD hold? I'm not sure.
Will I still be writing? Yes, but I have no idea how often.
Can you still keep in contact with me? Of course! My social media links are under every post!

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a very happy holidays and new year!

Hannah x


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