Christmas Hit: George Reece - Every Little Thing

Source: Youtube
In the true spirit of Christmas, this week, our Fresh Hit is a Christmas Hit - how original is that, eh? 

Our good friend George Reece has written, recorded and produced this original Christmas Hit titled Every Little Thing, and we think it's pretty special. 

Listen to the music and it seems like a pretty typical upbeat festive track, but delve a little deeper, and the song carries a much greater bittersweet meaning. The lyrics are all about being far from a loved one at Christmas time, and wishing that you could bring them closer, something which a lot of people who are in long-distance relationships can associate with. 

George's isolation in the video is rather touching, as we see him decorate a forest (why not?) with lights and baubles, as well as the tree in his living room, entirely on his own. We think this Youtuber, producer, writer, film-maker and all-round nice guy has done a superb job of reminding everyone to appreciate everyone they love - near or far - this holiday!

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  1. Ahhhhhh mate! How lovely of you to write about it :) I'm so delighted you liked it!!!!!
    Happy Christmas one and all :D


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