Juggling Commitments.

First of all, happy 1st of December. It's the beginning of advent and the countdown is on to Christmas! I hope you're all looking forward to the holidays, however you celebrate! Now on with the post...

I read a lot of blogs where people say something like "I don't really know where I'm going with this blog post" or "this won't have a title until I've finished it". Quite honestly, that's not really me. I'm a planner - I try to be the height of organisation with a notebook where I write down what I did that day, what blog post I wrote/am writing, if I've done the social media scheduling for it and so on. What I didn't anticipate is that when it comes to the more personal posts, I just wouldn't know what to talk about.

Although the aim of renaming my blog HD Online was so that I could do lifestyle and photography posts, I still find myself gravitating towards the music features a lot because I'm so familiar with them. Not only that but I try to help as many emerging artists as possible, albeit with only one of me and numerous submissions a week, I cannot promote everything.

Before I go off on a huge tangent, what I want to say is that sometimes, in spite of how much you may wish to be organised, compartmentalise and ensure everything gets its time and place in the day, life does sometimes get in the way. If you've ever looked after kids (I currently do) or had almost any type of job, you'll know that planning is crucial but unprecedented tasks sometimes crop up and have to be tended to. That's just life.

Right now, I'm juggling so many commitments that sometimes I lack time to actually sit and think about what I may want to write about, to really inject creativity into my writing and be happy with the product. I have a part-time job, I'm working towards kickstarting a career (anyone work in marketing? Worth a shot!), I blog because I'm passionate about helping other people, try to make time for important people in my life - new and old, and also take time out for myself. The last one is underrated. At a point in my life when everyone demands my time and think they have a right to it, I realise it's important to say 'no' sometimes. I truly believe it's important to enjoy your own company, and recognise that being alone doesn't have to make you lonely.

I think what I'm trying to get at here is post-graduation life is frustrating. Within one job role, I'm totally happy to handle multiple tasks at once, but a range commitments that pull me in various directions all at once, every day? That's really tiring. While I can only apologise if I've not been bringing too many personal posts to the table, I hope you'll all appreciate we all have phases where we have to put our head down and plough until we have a little more space to breathe. And if you're in the same position, keep going, my friend. This phase won't last forever.


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